Fuel and supplies obtained from Kunawarritji but most importantly a nice hot shower. We’ve been having showers while camping but that’s more of a utility than something relaxing. We stayed around over lunch while our washing dried then heading off to Kilkil (Well 36). Felt pretty exhausted by the end of the day.

Our car and camp equipment in front of a sunset
Ended up a fairly long day. Setting up in the dark

So far the native wells have been more interesting to me. There’s a surprising amount of water out here, if it know where it is. (Hi, future xss here, for some dumb reason I forgot to take pictures of any of the native wells. The native wells varied from being a depression in the ground, to natural rock formations providing a well.)

Droppy cooked and tried some Kangaroo tail but I wasn’t feeling all that adventurous today.

I intended to start formatting and writing up the blog posts to go along with this journal but got distracted doing something. Such is holiday life.