Well 38 has now become my favorite Well. A rocky spring full of trees and life which became a lovely place for an early lunch. Unfortunately it’s probably a bit too rocky for us to camp at (and a bit too early in the day).

It dawned on us that as we were the last people to fill up at Kunawarritji that anyone heading north bound would be at least 1 and half days behind us.

Rock Art cave was an adorable little cubby hole to climb in.

Rock art cave with Droppy taking a photo
Rock art cave

I was surprised to see many more of those purple flowers today, it really lit up the environment against the spinifex.

Droppy sitting in the car seat from an abandoned vehicle
A fairly freshly abandoned ute that had the car seat removed from it.

We are staying the night at Well 41. The water we drew from the well was very orange. We’ll get water at the next well, we aren’t short on water.

Brown water from Well 41
Well 41 water. We can do better elsewhere

Since I don’t get to fly the drone often in Melbourne and we still had some daylight left today I tried some of its more advanced features, and I’m glad I did as I found that there’s actually a toilet at this stop, something we didn’t expect or plan on.

Feels like we are coming to the end of the CSR portion of this journey.