CSR Journal Day 24 Katherine to Karlu Karlu (Devil's Marbles)

Mostly travel today however we did stay at the Devil’s Marbles and got to enjoy the beautiful sunset on the rocks.

I think I’d enjoy this place a lot more if I were alone, but alas it does make a very good stop between Katherine and Alice Springs, so I understand why it’s so busy.

I’m a bit tired and grumpy, likely due to the amount of high speed driving I’ve done today.

CSR Journal Day 23 Bungle Bungles to Katherine

Today was just meant to be traveling but even then Western Australia still has some tricks up it’s sleeve. Coming into Kununurra is just wow.

Suddenly the desert turns into this beautiful green oasis and deep blue river. The contrast was amazing. I was so impressed I pulled over into a park to admire the river for a bit!

Eventually we arrived in Katherine in the dark. The timezone change threw us a bit and most of the shops had closed so no takeaway dinner tonight.

CSR Journal Day 22 Bungle Bungles

Ended up doing the walks. Glad I did, very worthwhile. This area and the rock face is just amazing. The scale is just insane. I think it’ll be a long time before I experience anything this cool again.

Deep under one of the many cut outs of rocks

Walking on the rock and sand was fairly tiring but once your in the cool shadows of the gorge and onto of the rock the walks it becomes a lot easier of a walk with very elevation change.