Here’s some apps I’ve recently started using and enjoying. They might be of interested to you.

DITMM ( Did I Take My Meds? )

Screenshot of Did I Take My Meds?

I used to use Google Calendar reminders to remind me to take medication. This was less than ideal because it didn’t keep a log of if I took the medication, along with I wanted to close out my Google Calendar account.

DITMM fills my needs by showing a notification when I need to take my medication, along with tracking when I last took them. It can also record some basic information like prescription number (Rx #), dose amounts and other metadata.

An interesting side effect of using a medication tracking app is you can use the data to generate plots for how well you are at taking medication on time. I wrote some python code to generate the below plot for myself.

Chart showing time difference from scheduled to actual medication consumption


Screenshot of Etar Calendar app

Etar is an opensource calendar. It has pretty much everything you expect out of a calendar app. I started using it as I wanted to reduce my dependency on Google Apps and what brought me to it was that a forked version is provided in LineageOS. I use it in combination with DAVx⁵ to sync with Fastmail. It also works with Google Calendar/Workspace so I only need one calendar app to cover both needs.

K-9 Mail

Screenshot of K-9 Mail compose screen

Fastmail is great, but their app does not work in offline mode. I spend a lot of time outside of phone coverage and this drives me crazy. I was using Nine mail but switched to K-9 Mail because Nine is really more focused on Exchange users and K-9 is opensource.

There’s nothing fancy about K-9 Mail, it’s a no frills mail client. It receives email. You can have unified or seperate inboxes for accounts.

I’ve also configured a Google Workspace account through IMAP using the device passwords feature - works well enough for me and means I can remove the GMail app from my phone.


Screenshot of SuperCycle app home screen

A departure from the above apps, SuperCycle isn’t opensource - however unlike other cycling apps on the Play store it doesn’t contain ads, paid features and is entirely free.

Screenshot of SuperCycle viewing a historic ride

SuperCycle is a bike computer for your phone. You can pair it to bluetooth speed, cadence, power meters and heart monitors. I use it so that I can monitor my heart rate and cadence while riding. Rides can be recorded and uploaded to Strava. It supports various maps and you can load GPX routes into them for navigation.