Sunrise over Lake Disappointment was certainly worth waking up for. I thought the lake would make for a good running track compared to the sand and rocks I’ve been running on last week but unfortunately it’s very variable and easy to break through the crust, my 5k run turned into a 3k run which turned into a 3k run/walk.

Our LandCruiser crossing Savoury Creek
Savoury Creek crossing

Savoury Creek was a lovely change. Seeing running water for the first time in a long while. The crossing was simple for us as there had been no rain lately. Though it was a little unpleasant smelling.

Blåhaj in trough of Well 22
Well 22 with Blåhaj

Past Well 21 the scenery changes were amazing! I’m no botanist but the best I can describe is fantasy computer game. Long tall spinifex, with purple flowers with tall skinny trees. Really loved these areas.

The purple flowers
I have no idea what these are but I love them.