The below video is streamed from AWS practically for free. This is done very similar to the original Big Buck AWS but using OpsWorks logs instead. This exploit is a little more useful as you can store gigabytes of data, many more times, and CORS is enabled.

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When you run a command in AWS OpsWorks (such as Setup or Configure) the logs are uploaded to S3 and viewed from the UI using presigned URLs. The bucket for this is opsworks-us-east-1-log - notice how it’s an AWS bucket and not your bucket!

So what we do is we run a whole bunch of deployments to generate logs, and we modify the opsworks agent lib/instance_agent/agent/process_command.rb file to print out the presigned URL that it uses to upload logs. Once we have the presigned URLs and the logs are uploaded we reupload whatever content we want to. In this case the MPEG files for Big Buck Bunny.

ffmpeg -y \
-i bbb_sunflower_1080p_30fps_normal.mp4 \
-codec copy \
-bsf:v h264_mp4toannexb \
-map 0 \
-f segment \
-segment_time 30 \
-segment_format mpegts \
-segment_list "bbb.m3u8" \
-segment_list_type m3u8 \

for i in (seq 0 21);  gzip bbb-$i.ts; end

curl -v --upload-file bbb-10.ts.gz "PRESIGNED URL HERE"

To make use of the files all we have to do is get presigned URLs for the GET requests, so we write a simple lambda function that performs:

boto3.client('opsworks', region_name="us-east-1").describe_commands(DeploymentId=ts[requested_ts])['Commands'][0]["LogUrl"]

to get the log URLs. To form this site we dump the Lambda behind an API Gateway and serve up a HLS m3u8 file. More details can be found at the original Big Buck AWS GitHub